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Connected world needs proper tools.

Internet of Things

IoT, Internet Of Things, Industrial IoT are systems based on connected technical devices and their remote control via smart networks. It is estimated that all equipment which can be connected in to networks will be connected and will share information to smart systems. Technology is evolving fast and various smart solutions are available for most of us.

Wireless connections

There are many options for wireless IoT network technology. National LoRaWAN-. NB-IoT- and Sigfox networks are expanding fast. Also private IoT-networks are used in locations where public network is not available or prive network is needed for other reasons. What is then the best option? All options have their pros and cons, but all network technologies transfer data between devices and smart solutions for further analysis and use. Even better if smart solution would inform user about changes and events requiring more attention. For smart solution needs we have developed Caproc IoT -cloud service which is available in Finnish and English.

Sensors and groups


Summary of sensors and last statuses in one view


You can group sensors and control notifications setting for each group separately.

Switch notifications on for e.g. house, summer cottage or boat to alarm when you are not on site.

GPS tracking sensor on trailer informs of unauthorized movents and shows the location on the map.




Latest information

Latest sensor values presented visually in one view.

Alarm limits & notifications

Alarm limits

Set alarm limits to get notifications of too high or low measurement values.

Notification can be e.g. movement of GPS tracking sensor or temperature rising above the set limit.


Notification via email or SMS.

Critical alarms

Critical notifications are sent via email and SMS.



Analyse measurements and event with visual graphs.

Graphs can be expanded to full screen.



Table reports are useful for more detailed analysis.

Also table reports can be expaded to full screen.


Export to Excel

Information can be exported to Excel in CSV format.


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