Modern solution to water consumption invoicing and customer management.



Always with you

Cloud service available no matter where you are. Supports all device types.

Language versions

Language options are Finnish and English. Additional languages on request.

All information in one system

Have one system for Customer information management, Invoicing, Maintenance information, Customer communication, Remote data collection and Alarms.

Remote data collection

Supports smart water meters with remote data collection. You can also add other wireless IoT devices such as leak detectors and ultrasonic sensors for water level measuring. Send Alarms for e.g. leaks and pipe damages directly to maintenance personnel..

Automatic invoicing

Partly of fully automatic invoicing routines with smart remote data collection meters and flexible contract models. Choice is yours.



Flexible invoicing options

Print and post invoices manually or send via e-mail. You can also activate optional net invoicing service for electronic invoicing, automatic paper invoicing and much more.


Customer portal

Customers can login to Aqua-net customer portal and see last invoices and other documents such as supply contracts.

Reports have detailed consumption information. You can choose detailed daily level or more high level weekly and yearly reports.


View consumption reports in different levels. From detailed hourly level to mothly view.



With communication feature you can send notifications and information to various stake holders. You can choose to send via email and/or SMS to mobile phones.

Stake holder groups are e.g. tenants, board members, owners, support persons, maintenance personnel, a house or street.

Project management

Project management features provide you tools to create projects and record project task hours or add project related products. You can invoice project related costs with new invoice or add them in to existing invoice.


Can be integrated with 3rd party systems such as accounting, reporting, banking and house manager systems.


Maintenance and repair tasks

You can record completed tasks such as maintenance tasks and repairs. Like this you have all information centralized in one place.


Remote data collection will change water invoicing

New technology and wireless networks will modernize also water consumption invoicing. Old estimate and balance invoices will be history and future invoicing is based on real-time consumptions. You need also a modern invoicing system to fulfill future demands. By choosing Aqua-Net you are ready for the challenge.

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